Step by step guide presenting 3 different techniques for incorporating pebbles  with your houseplants.



Prep Time: 3 min 


  • ROCKS / PEBBLES / GRAVEL - We are using our Polished PEBBLES in Natural. 
  • PROPAGATING PLANT OF CHOICE - We are using our Avocado Seedling. You can use any rooted cutting or plant growing in water.
  • PROPAGATION VESSEL - we are using our PROP DISC to hold the Avocado Seedling.
  • GLASS - We are using our SHORT 11oz glass from our PROPAGATION SET
  • PLANT COASTER (optional) - To protect your tabletop from water rings.
  • WATER - To add to glass w/ Pebbles. We are using room temperature tap water.
  • WATERING CAN (optional) - To add water to Glass.


  1. Fill GLASS with water about halfway full.

  2. Add PEBBLES *gently* to bottom of GLASS with water.  Add enough to atleast cover the bottom of the glass.

  3. Insert roots of PLANT OF CHOICE through your PROP DISC.

  4. Place PLANT with PROP DISC on top of glass with water.

  5. Top off water in glass to fill close to top of edge.  Ensure to check water levels and refill as it evaporates over time.

  6. OPTIONAL: Place glass on top of your PLANT COASTER to prevent water rings on your table/countertop.


  • help provide support to the roots of your Propagating plant
  • decorative/aesthetic purposes



Prep Time: 5 min 


  • ROCKS / PEBBLES / GRAVEL - We are using our Polished PEBBLES in Natural 
  • PLANT OF CHOICE - We are using our Avocado Seedling
  • PLANT POT - We are using our 4" PLANT POT in Earth Grey 
  • POTTING SOIL - We are using our POTTING MIX to pot the Plant
  • SOIL SCOOP (optional) - to scoop soil into Plant Pot.
  • WATER - to rinse Pebbles + add to Glass & Humidity Tray. We are using room temperature tap water.
  • WATERING CAN (optional) - to water your Potted Plant.


  1. Add a layer of POTTING SOIL into your PLANT POT w/ a SOIL SCOOP.

  2. Place your AVOCADO SEEDLING into Pot w/ soil and fill with Soil about 2" from the top edge.

  3. WATER your plant! Please make sure you have a saucer under your Plant Pot to prevent water from spilling everywhere. NOTE: you want to water BEFORE adding the top dressing because the Soil will sink down a little once wet.

  4. Add a layer of PEBBLES onto the top Soil around your plant. Make sure to add enough so the entire top layer of Soil is covered

    • OPTIONAL: add a thin layer of Sand before adding top dressing. This helps with pest prevention.


  • help prevent water loss by shading the soil and reducing the temperature below it
  • help reduce pests such as fungus gnats as a it blocks them from laying eggs the Soil (add a layer of sand between soil and rocks for more protection). 
  • deter curious pets from getting into your plants or digging up roots
  • prevent weeds from growing if you keep your potted plant outside
  • provide plant support by keeping the stem upright
  • decorative/aesthetic purposes



Prep Time: 5 min per method


  • ROCKS / PEBBLES / GRAVEL - We are using our Polished PEBBLES in Natural and Grey
  • HUMIDITY LOVING PLANT OF CHOICE - We are using our Avocado Seedling.
  • TRAY - We are using our 5 5/8" PORCELAIN TRAY 
  • WATER - to rinse Pebbles + add to Glass & Humidity Tray. We are using room temperature tap water
  • STRAINER - to rinse the silt from your rocks / pebbles / gravel
  • WATERING CAN (optional) - to water your humidity tray


1. Select your HUMIDITY LOVING PLANT OF CHOICE and check the Pot size. We are using our Avocado Seedling propagating in a 3" diameter GLASS.  

2. Select your TRAY - tray size should be at least 2" wider in diameter than your selected Plant Pot. We are using our 5 5/8" PORCELAIN TRAY.  

PLEASE do not use a TERRACOTTA TRAY as it will absorb the water and leak.  It is best to use a non-porous tray material such as Metal (that will not rust), Glass or a Glazed Ceramic/Porcelain.

4. IF NEEDED: Rinse your PEBBLES thoroughly in a STRAINER to remove any dirt from them and until water runs clean.

5. Add your clean PEBBLES in a thin layer covering the bottom of your TRAY - spread out evenly.  

6. Add your WATER to your PEBBLES + TRAY.  Only add a small amount to cover the bottom of your rocks.  Water level should stop before the top of your Rocks. 

7. Add your PLANT centered onto your HUMIDITY TRAY!

NOTE: You can use any type of PLANT POT with or without a drainage hole. 


  • create a humid micro-climate for your plants
  • increase humidity levels slightly around plant placed on top of humidity tray
    • NOTE: if you need to significantly increase the humidity % in your room - please use a Humidifier
  • can be used for bottom watering if you are using a pot with a drainage hole
  • decorative/aesthetic purposes

***Our more detailed instructions and tutorial can be found HOW TO MAKE HUMIDTY TRAY



Once complete with any of your Pebble methods - keep an eye on water levels.  You may need to check every other day or just 1-2 times per week pending how dry and warm your room is. If your environment is more dry, the water will evaporate more quickly and you will need to periodically add more water to your Propagation Glass, Potted Plant or Humidity tray. 


Step by step video guide is also available on our YouTube

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