A step by step guide on how to grow an avocado seed using water + our Propagation Cones.

You can also sprout avocados using the BAG SPROUTING METHOD.  Also Plastic free!  



Prep Time: 5 mins per Avocado

Grow Time: 2-4 weeks to Root + 2-4 weeks to Sprout


  • AVOCADO SEED - freshly removed from a ripe Avocado
  • KNIFE - we are using a Japanese Pocket Knife to cut the Avocado 
  • TOWEL - we are using our FUROSHIKI to wipe the Avocado Seed
  • GLASS - we are using a standard size Drinking Glass
  • WATER - to rinse, soak + root the Avocado Seed  
  • PROPAGATION CONE - to hold Avocado Seed over glass of water to grow roots. You can use toothpicks or another vessel too.
  • POTTING SOIL (optional) - if you choose to pot your Avocado Seed once it's rooted
  • PLANT POT (optional) - if you choose to pot your Avocado Seed once it's rooted. We are using our size Large 5" Plant Pot.


  1. Using your KNIFE cut the AVOCADO in half carefully without cutting the seed if possible.  

2. Remove the SEED from the Avocado center and enjoy your Avocado to eat separately :)

3. Wash the AVOCADO SEED in WATER and clean off any excess avocado from the seed with your TOWEL.

Soak your AVOCADO SEED in WATER for 1-2 days. 

4. Remove your AVOCADO SEED from the water and carefully peel the skin off with your fingers.  If it is too difficult to peel off, it may need to soak in water for another day or so to loosen the skin.

5. Place your peeled AVOCADO SEED on a PROP CONE over a glass of water. Please make sure the bottom of the Seed is submerged in water but the Cone should not be touching the water (fabric will mold and damage if exposed to water over long periods of time).

6. After a 2-4 weeks (approximately) - you should see your AVOCADO SEED start to crack in the middle and roots will grow from the BOTTOM of the seed.

7. After another 2-4 weeks (approximately) - you should see your AVOCADO SEED start to sprout from the TOP of the seed and leaves will start growing.

8. OPTIONAL: After your AVOCADO SEED sprouts you can pot in your PLANT POT with POTTING SOIL

***You can technically leave your Avocado Seed growing over water for as long as you'd like BUT if you plant in Soil it will grow faster and it will get more nutrients in Soil vs. Water.

Step by step video guide is also available on our YouTube

Further Steps

  • If you keep the AVOCADO Seed growing over water - make sure to change the water once a week or whenever the water starts to look dirty/not clear.
  • If you pot your Seed in Soil - please make sure to water frequently as Avocado Plants require a lot of Sun and get very thirsty :)

Please leave any questions or comments below!


  • David Carr on

    I seem to have obtained a couple of good avocado seeds, as they cracked in a few days and in less than two weeks both have good strong roots developing. While they are both doing well, I’m worried they won’t receive enough light. All my windows face either east or west. Direct sunlight in the morning, dropping off until noon and then no direct light. Should I add supplemental artificial light?
    RT1home replied:
    Hi David – Are they receiving 4-6 hours of direct sunlight? I would only add supplemental light / heat if it seems the avocados aren’t growing or seem stunted. Some indirect light in addition to direct sun can be ok as long as the location isn’t too cool.

  • DA on

    Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial! It is a very helpful guide, I’m definitely going to try it.
    RT1home replied:
    You are most welcome!  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions along the way. 

  • Tomasa on

    Thank you for the post, you have answer most of the questions that I had. Ive just started my first avacado seed and its doing just what you said.
    Thank you
    RT1home replied:
    Hi Tomasa -

    Thanks so much for the feedback. Please reach out if you have any further questions!

    - Rhiannon


  • Sophie on

    Hi, we have grown an Avocado seed in water and it has grown a lot(has 6 leaves on it and about a foot tall). We tried potting it up in soil but the leaves started to droop and it looked unhappy so we put it back in water and it’s happy again. We want to pot it up but what’s the best method to do this and keep it happy and not die? Many thanks.
    RT1home replied:
    Hi Sophie – Sometimes transferring an avocado seed from water to soil can be shocking for the plant. Ideal potting conditions would be: a larger pot w/ a drainage hole to accommodate the fast growing roots and a well draining Soil mix. You could add sand to a standard potting mix or use a cactus/succulent mix. Placement of the potted plant should be in Full Sun and indoor temperatures 60-85 degrees F. You will need to water frequently in the beginning and then taper off watering as the plant adapts to the pot. Hope this helps and please reach out if you have further questions!

    - Rhiannon


  • Peggy on

    My avocado seed has nice roots but it has not sprouted – it’s been a couple months, probably longer, since it first got roots. What are the chances that it will still sprout?
    RT1home replied:
    Hi Peggy – Is the top of the avocado seed cracked? Also do you have it placed in full sun?

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