A step by step + eco-friendly guide on how to grow an avocado seed using paper, a storage bag and our Propagation Disc (HINT: no PLASTIC is used!)

You can also sprout avocados using the: WATER SPROUTING METHOD Also Plastic free!  


Prep Time: 5 mins per Avocado

Grow Time: 2-4 weeks to Root + 2-4 weeks to Sprout


  • AVOCADO SEED - freshly removed from a ripe Avocado
  • KNIFE - we are using a standard kitchen knife to cut the Avocado 
  • TOWEL - we are using our FUROSHIKI to wipe the Avocado Seed
  • GLASS - we are using a standard an 11oz Short Drinking Glass (from Japan), also available as an add on: UPCYCLED STONE PROP DISC + GLASS
  • WATER - to rinse, soak + root the Avocado Seed  
  • PAPER - we are using recycled kraft packing paper
  • REUSABLE BAG - we are using a STASHER: REUSABLE SILICONE STAND UP BAG  (use code RT1HOME at checkout for 10% OFF your order at PACKAGE FREE)
  • PROP DISC (optional) - to hold Avocado Seed over glass of water to grow roots. You can use toothpicks or another vessel too. We are using our UPCYCLED STONE PROP DISC
  • POTTING SOIL (optional) - if you choose to pot your Avocado Seed once it's rooted
  • PLANT POT (optional) - if you choose to pot your Avocado Seed once it's rooted. We are using our size Large 5" Plant Pot.

NOTE: This is a more eco-friendly guide to sprouting avocado seeds with bags.  The most common materials I see with this method, are using a plastic bag and paper towels (instead of a reusable silicone bag, furoshiki - reusable cloth, and kraft paper as we are using).  It is OK if you use these items, especially if you already have them on hand. But please try to re-use the plastic as much as possible before throwing away!  


1. Using your KNIFE cut the AVOCADO in half carefully, without cutting the seed if possible. 
***NOTE: It is ok if you accidentally cut the seed, it will just damage the exterior and leave marks. It should not impact growth unless you severely hurt the seed when cutting.

    2. Remove the SEED from the Avocado center and enjoy your Avocado to eat separately :)

    3. Wash the AVOCADO SEED in WATER and clean off any excess avocado from the seed with your TOWEL.

    Soak your AVOCADO SEED in WATER for 1-2 days. This will help loosen the skin, and make it easier to remove.

    4. Remove your AVOCADO SEED from the water and carefully peel the skin off with your fingers.  If it is too difficult to peel off, it may need to soak in water for another day or so to loosen the skin.

    ***NOTE: It is not required to remove the skin from the Seed for it to grow.  But, it makes it much easier and faster for your seed to sprout without the skin, as the skin is an additional layer for the roots and sprout to break through in the growing process.

    5. Wrap your peeled AVOCADO SEED in PAPER and quickly soak in WATER.  

    6. Place the wet paper wrapped AVOCADO SEED in your BAG and store in a cool and dark location (like inside your cabinet). 

    7. Periodically check your wrapped AVOCADO SEED every 1-2 weeks.

    After 2-4 weeks (approximately) - you should see your AVOCADO SEED start to crack in the middle and a root will grow from the BOTTOM of the seed.


    7. Place your rooted AVOCADO SEED on a PROP DISC over a glass of water. Please make sure the roots are always submerged in water.  As the plant and roots grow, you will need to add more water to the glass.

    8. After another 2-4 weeks (approximately) - you should see your AVOCADO SEED start to sprout from the TOP of the seed and leaves will start growing.

    After an additional, 2-4 weeks your Avocado plant leaves will mature and grow additional leaves.  The stem will also grow in height.

    ***NOTES ON PRUNING: You can prune or trim the Avocado stem during the growing process.  Cut the stem just above a node with a leaf if you want the plant to grow a thicker and taller stem.  Or, you can cut the overall stem height in half to make your plant branch out and grow bushier (vs. taller).

    You do not need to trim the Avocado plant, I have many plants that I have left without pruning and they grow just fine as well. 

    We will do a separate blog post on pruning soon with additional images as we get questions on pruning often!

    8. OPTIONAL: After your AVOCADO SEED sprouts you can pot in your PLANT POT with POTTING SOIL. I have found, once the Avocado plant is planted in soil, it grows much faster as the Soil provides more nutrients than growing in water.

    ***NOTE: You can technically leave your Avocado Seed growing over water for as long as you'd like BUT if you plant in Soil it will grow faster and it will get more nutrients in Soil vs. Water.

    Step by step video guide is also available on our YouTube



    Further Steps

    • If you keep the AVOCADO Seed growing over water - make sure to change the water once a week or whenever the water starts to look dirty/not clear.
    • If you pot your Seed in Soil - please make sure to water frequently as Avocado Plants require a lot of Sun and get very thirsty :)

    Please leave any questions or comments below!


    If you are interested in growing an Avocado from seed via the WATER SPROUTING METHOD:


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    • Miranda P. on

      Good morning,

      Thank you for this tutorial! I am wondering if you seal the bag while they’re wrapped up or leave it open and do you have to add more water to the wrapping?
      Thank you!
      RT1home replied:
      Hi Miranda -

      Good morning! I do seal the bag once all the avocados are placed inside. I only add more water to the wrapped avocados if I have checked on them after awhile and they still have not sprouted or the paper seems dried out. Typically, it is not necessary as usually they sprout pretty quickly with this method.. but every now and then you get some difficult ones :)


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