Step by step guide on creating a small batch of steeped Compost Tea for your plants.


Prep Time: 5 min

Brew Time: 30 min - 24 hrs


  • ORGANIC COMPOST (1 CUP) - We are using Lasagna Compost from FINCA TIERRA NEGRA
  • WATER - rain water preferred or room temperature tap water
  • BOWL - any container for brewing tea 
  • DRAWSTRING BAG - to hold compost for brewing. (make sure material is natural/breathable)
  • SOIL SCOOP  (optional) - to scoop compost
  • WATERING CAN - to water plants with compost tea
  • SPRAY BOTTLE - to create foliage spray with compost tea


Compost Tea is essentially an organic liquid fertilizer for your plants. Use Compost Tea to add nutrients to your plants, stimulate growth, and prevent diseases.  Tea can be used every other week. 

Makes 3-4 cups of Compost Tea:

1. Scoop approximately 1 cup of ORGANIC COMPOST into your DRAWSTRING BAG.


2. Place BAG + COMPOST into your BOWL of WATER.

3. Fully submerge the bag into the WATER and agitate the COMPOST to ensure it is soaking up the water. TIP: if you using a drawstring bag - make sure the drawstrings are inside the bowl or water will leak everywhere!

4. OPTION 1: Let COMPOST Soak for at least 30 minutes before using Tea. This will be a weaker version of the tea but can be used this quickly.

OPTION 2: Continue to let the COMPOST soak for a few hours - up to 24 hours to create a nutrient rich tea.

Now that your Compost Tea is complete - you can use in the following ways:


After your COMPOST is done soaking - remove the bag of compost and squeeze the excess tea into a WATERING CAN. You can use the tea to water your plants directly just as a liquid fertilizer.



You can use the BOWL of Compost Tea as a Root Bath or Dip for your plants.  Ideal for plants you are propagating or transplanting. For younger plants you only need to soak the roots for about a minute or 2, for larger more mature plants you can soak for 30 minutes - 1 hour.



Another option to use your Compost Tea is to pour your tea (maybe after your Root Bath :) into a spray bottle and spray your plant leaves with the tea - spray greens only, not blooms.  You can also spray the top layer of soil with the spray as well. 

TIP: Avoid spraying leaves in the sun to prevent leaves from burning.

TIP 2: Strain any large bits of compost from liquid before adding to your spray bottle to avoid clogging.



You can use all of the soaked COMPOST from your BAG and add a 1" layer to the top of your potted plant soil.  Leave a little space around the plant when adding.


NOTES: This makes a few cups of compost tea, you can increase the ratios if you would like to a make bigger batch.  Measurements can be approximate, a little compost goes a long way!  

CREDITS: Compost recipe and methods from Britt Browne of FINCA TIERRA NEGRA


Step by step video guide is also available on our YouTube

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