In conjunction with our RT1home Recipe Series we want to encourage you to try growing your own herbs! Growing from seed is not only inexpensive, but a rewarding process that allows you to enjoy year round access to fresh herbs for cooking at home.  Here is 1 simple method to start growing your own herbs using materials you have at home! 


Recipe Series created in partnership with Nutritionist: Natalie Collier 

FEATURING RT1home Organic Herb Seeds:




Prep Time: 10 mins


  • HERB SEEDS of your choice - we are using our organic Dill, Basil, Cilantro
  • POTTING SOIL of your choice - we are our house mix of Organic Soil, Coconut Coir, Perlite, & Chikutan Charcoal
  • CONTAINER(S) - we are using an egg carton
  • LABELS - we are using wooden popsicle sticks
  • PEN - we are using a Sharpie permanent marker 
  • WATER + SPRAY BOTTLE (optional)- we prefer using a spray bottle to prevent over watering




  1. Add POTTING SOIL to your container - fill approximately 3/4 full
  2. Moisten Soil with water - using spray bottle if available
  3. Add seeds to each container - for smaller seeds such as DILL and BASIL we added 2-3 seeds per egg carton pod. For larger seeds such as CILANTRO you can place 1 seed in the container.
  4. Make sure to evenly SPACE seeds if you are placing more than 1 seed in a container - this will prevent roots from being tangled when they germinate (sprout)
  5. Label each seed with the Herb name and Today's date
  6. Add a layer of soil over your seeds - for smaller seeds a thinner layer of soil is needed, larger seeds need more.
  7. For planting depth - general rule of thumb: the seeds should be covered approximately DOUBLE the size of the seed - for these seeds we added about 1/4" of soil. 
  8. Gently pat down soil to make sure seeds are securely planted
  9. Mist all soil with your spray bottle to make sure all soil is moist.
  10. Place container in a sunny windowsill or under grow lights if you have them!

Step by step video guide is also available on our YouTube

    Further Steps

    • Check your soil everyday and make sure it stays moist (not drenched) and does not dry out completely.  
    • Once seeds start to germinate (sprout) write down the Date of Germination on your label. 
    • AFTER SPROUTING (Germination): If you are keeping your seedlings in a windowsill - make sure they receive at least 6 hours of full sun per day.  
    • After your seedlings get their "true" leaves (2nd set of leaves) you are safe to separate and transplant them to a larger container if needed.  
    • We will cover transplanting and common seedling issues in Indoor Herb Gardening PART 2 (COMING SOON)


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