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Moss Pole building - 1 Hour Workshop

Learn how to make a moss pole and take it home with you!

Moss poles are used to mimic your vining houseplant’s natural habitat. We will help you  create a moss pole for your climbing plant to attach to. In the class, we will build 24″L x 3"D moss poles (exactly as shown in the photo) using provided materials, and we will help you set up the moss pole in your own plant & pot to take home.

The workshop will be led by Manny Soriano - a linguist, artist, and musician whose love for plants was sparked by a tiny little Aloe vera he received as a housewarming present almost three years ago. Now with over 100 plants in his cozy Los Angeles apartment, he is a firm believer of thoughtfully curated gardening, considering a plant’s well-being and aesthetic contribution to a space before bringing it home. Take a peek into his indoor jungle at @perennialpapi.

Workshop cost covers all moss pole materials & instruction:

  • Mountain Moss
  • Fiberglass pole
  • Mesh Wire
  • Please bring your own 6-8" climbing houseplant OR you can purchase one from our shop before the workshop begins

***Scissors will be provided but not included in materials you can take home.

Mimosas will also be provided during the workshop! As well as still & sparkling water :)

This workshop will be hosted at Tilt Coffee Bar in Downtown LA. 

Our studio/shop is located below the coffee bar at 334 S Main St. #8030 and will be open before and after the workshop.