Waterproof Tawashi scrubbing brush, made in Japan.


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Japanese Scrub Brush

This traditional Japanese scrubbing brush is hard, durable and waterproof. It's the perfect tool for cleaning long and narrow household items such as tall vases and bottles.

In Japanese, Tawashi means scrubber. The name is in reference to its shape and its connection to water and longevity. Natural palm fibers are a strong and durable material, and this environmentally sound product is a great alternative to plastic scrub brushes.

TAKADA TAWASHI are made of the bark of the windmill palm tree growing naturally in the KISHU area (Wakayama Prefecture). No chemicals such as pesticides and disinfectants are used after harvest for the bark of the windmill palm tree of KISHU. It is an organic farming method. 

For smaller items try our round Tawashi Scrubber.

  • Materials: hemp palm fibers (Shuro) and Stainless steel wire
  • Size: W:5.5cm x D:3cmx H:27cm
  • Made in Japan